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T3 Privacy Policy

Policy History

Version: 1.0.0 || Publish Date: 12–September–2015
Version: 1.0.1 || Publish Date: 27–November–2015

Website Owner

Author & Blog Owner: Glyn R. Wilson.

Book Publishing Name: writerfx

Information about the blog owner can be found on this About Page.

When necessary, you can communicate with the website/blog owner directly, via the Contact Page provided. In addition to the dedicated Contact Page a highly secure email address is also quoted, when appropriate, in the text that follows. 


When it is within my power to do, then the privacy of all my clients, subscribers, and followers will be respected and upheld as if it were my own privacy.

Ditto for all those who elect to send me monetary donations – so long as a valid email is also supplied.

Whatever data I ask from you, or whatever data you volunteer to me, will only be shared with the professional services I recruit for the sole purpose of distributing and communicating my Newsletter file to your (the Subscriber’s) email Inbox.

All other data will be kept confidential. In fact, there is nothing on this website that sets out to collect anything about its visitors … except for Cookies maintained by, and by some affiliate links.

Apart from our respective email services, no other Third Party is involved.

All web servers track basic information about their visitors. This information includes, but is not limited to: IP addresses, browser details, timestamps and referring pages. None of this information (on its own) can personally identify specific visitors to this or any other website.

The type of information being routinely tracked is for administrative and maintenance purposes. Its collection (and transient storage) is in fact essential to the smooth management and efficient performance of the Internet.

Cookies (and Web Beacons)

Throughout the World Wide Web, cookies (small text files) are used to store information about a visitor’s preferences and history in order to better serve that visitor and/or present the visitor with customized content. A cookie file most often contains bland information such as a user identification code, which the owning website will then use to track the pages and number of times you have visited.

A cookie is a small data file that is written to your computer’s hard drive by your web browser. Most web browsers are set up to accept cookies by default.

When or if advertisers actually appear on this website, then these will deploy their own cookies, scripts and/or web beacons for the purposes of tracking visitors’ arrival/departure to/from this site. For example, affiliate links will utilize a cookie to identify that you have arrived at their website via a link containing a code unique to this Blog Owner. But you will first need to voluntarily click on an affiliate link before its cookie can be triggered.

Such tracking is done directly by the third parties through their own secure servers and is therefore subject to their own privacy policies.

Controlling your Privacy

Note that you can change your browser settings to disable cookies. But doing this is not advised. Disabling cookies will actually interfere with your use of many websites. For example, if you are a registered user of a particular website, then by disabling cookies, you will be treated as if you are a first time visitor.

The best option is to disable or enable cookies on a per-site basis by adding entries to a White List or Black List. You can also configure your Browser to display a warning before accepting any cookie, but such paranoia is time consuming. Consult your browser documentation for instructions on how to block cookies and other tracking mechanisms based upon specific IP addresses / URL names / URL types.

Script Blockers are a useful Browser Extension (i.e., an add-on mini-application). Depending on the specific browser you are using, you will find script blockers for download and installation via your browser’s “Extension” utility (find this facility in your Browser Menu). Script blockers should be used intelligently, else website features may get disabled. But you will always be prompted to manually undo the block whenever a key website feature has been disabled.

Special Note About GOOGLE / Amazon Advertising

Advertisements served by Google, Inc., and its affiliated companies /or/ Amazon and its affiliated companies … will likely be controlled using cookies. These cookies allow Google/&/Amazon to display ads based on your visits to this site and any other website that use Google /or/ Amazon advertising services.

Learn how to opt out of Google’s cookie usage.

Note that any tracking performed by Google/or/Amazon through cookies and other mechanisms is subject to their own respective privacy policies.

Website Security Certificate (SSL)

This website does not use a Security Certificate (denoted by https://) because it does not need one. It does not need one because this website does not (yet) transact in e-Commerce (i.e., note the absence of embedded Shopping Carts, Check-out forms, etc).

Updates To This Privacy Statement

When deemed necessary, Glyn R. Wilson will update this privacy policy by posting a new version of this webpage … indicated by a change to the revision number/date shown at the top if this page.

In the first instance, any changes to my Privacy Statement will be publicly notified via my Twitter account (@Toxic_Trinity). In the second instance, changes will also be announced in the next edition of the T3 Newsletter.

If this information is important to you (and you do not follow me on Twitter, nor receive the Newsletter) then you should occasionally check this page to appraise yourself of the current status.

Other websites

This website contains many links to numerous other websites.

All links provided herein are first checked prior to publication, to ensure they are safe, appropriate, and relevant to the topic being discussed. But the content or nature of any linked webpage may change in the future … something this website will never have any control over. Therefore, both caveat venditor and caveat emptor shall apply.

Glyn R. Wilson is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any of these other websites.

T3 (Toxic Trinity) Newsletter Distributed Via MailChimp

Presently, and until notified otherwise, the T3 Newsletter will be distributed using the MailChimp service. As a confirmed MailChimp account holder, Glyn R. Wilson is also obliged to conform to their Terms of Use (ToU).

MailChimp’s Terms of Use (which are legally binding) are published online, here.

Kindly note the following summary:

  • The T3 Newsletter is an Opt-In service – meaning you volunteer to subscribe in order to receive future mailings;
  • When signing up, the only information you are asked to provide is your name (given + surname) and a valid email address;
  • The name provided can be a nom-de-guerre; it will only be used to form a polite salutation when sending the Newsletter;
  • Each T3 Newsletter will carry a link that connects to MailChimp’s Opt-Out page – this is where you can Unsubscribe;
  • Unsubscribing triggers the erasure of your personal data from the MailChimp servers;
  • If you wish to change your registered name and/or email address – but remain subscribed – then send me your new details while using your same subscription email address;
  • The T3 Newsletter will be published (ideally) once per month: this is the target frequency;
  • Due to circumstances affecting its author the publishing frequency may (on average) be as low as 8 and as high as 16 times per annum.

The T3 Newsletter will contain news related to several issues, such as: my book(s), nuclear news, nuclear science, environmental science, climate science, politics, economics, 20th century history, and pre-20th century history.

By subscribing to the T3 Newsletter you automatically promise (contract) to never abuse its content, design, or features … for material gain … or to otherwise sully/attack the good reputation of Glyn R. Wilson and/or the Toxic Trinity brand.

Making Voluntary Financial Donations To The Toxic Trinity Project

The blog/website owner will provide links to appropriate (bona fide) payment processors, which will allow monetary donations to be conveniently and securely made.

Subject to accurate information being supplied from the outset, Glyn R. Wilson / The Toxic Trinity cannot be held accountable for any funds that fail to reach the proper account(s). To avoid error or loss, every Donor must use the facilities presented on this website’s dedicated Donations page, and follow the procedures given. Caveat Emptor.

All Donations greater than or equal to USD 5.00 (or the equivalent value in non-fiat currency terms) will be acknowledged … subject to the Donor providing:

  • details of the amount paid;
  • the date paid;
  • the actual payment method used;
  • the identifying name or ID the Donor actually used (real name or moniker) to perform the donation.

This information can be sent either using this website’s Contact Form, or this secure email address:

Additionally, all Donors making payments greater than (>) USD 10.00 — or any non-fiat donation of equivalent value — will be publicly acknowledge on a dedicated webpage. But anonymity will be assured if the Donor remembers to stipulate they actually wish to remain anonymous. 🙂

One quarter of my Privacy Policy was composed with the help of the website: HTML Newsletter Templates.