The Toxic Trinity

Twentieth Century's Mutual Antagonists … Still Battling

Table of Contents

… for “Nuclear Technobabble” | Book-1 of The Toxic Trinity series

Making sense of fuels, fallout, warheads, stockpiles, “military-industrial complex”, dosimetry, toxicity, and metabolic health.

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Foundational / Basics

[1] The Atom . . .*

Ions vs. Charged Particles

Ancient Greeks Predicted The Atom

Atoms = Energy Rather Than Material

The Nuclear Binding Energy

Science Is Still Pondering The Atom

Dense Atoms The Basis Of Nuclear Fission

[2] The Elements . . .*

Elements In The Human Body

Elements Link Us To The Cosmos

The Periodic Table

[3] Isotopes . . .*

Isotopes of Hydrogen



[4] Half-Life (Get a …) . . .*

Playing With Element ‘X-XX’

Half-Life Realism

Book Pivot: Chapter 5

[5] The Nuclear Fuels . . .*

Actinides (A Primer)

The Lanthanides

The Actinides

Thorium (90)

Uranium (92)

Uranium Mining and Ore Processing

Yellowcake, Conversion, and Enrichment (Overview)

Depleted Uranium

Water Fluoridation

Ore Deposits and U3O8 Pricing Mechanism

Uranium Isotopes and “Doing Work”

Uranium’s Origins, Chemical Reactivity, Role In Geochronology

Plutonium (94)

Most Toxic Substance On The Planet?

Plutonium As A “Heavy Metal”

Putting Plutonium’s Toxicity Into Proper Perspective

Transmutation and Breeding

Clandestine Activities Raised To A Fine Art

Nuclear Power Cloaks Plutonium Production

Why “Fast” And “Breeder”?

Plutonium’s Preternatural Characteristics

Non-Military Uses of Plutonium

Plutonium And MOX Fuel

Plutonium: What’s In A Name?

Differentiating Plutonium from Uranium

Is Plutonium Exclusively Synthetic?

Major Topics / Specifics / Analysis

[6] Radiation|Radiation Dose|Measurement . . .*

Defining Magnetism and Gravity

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Ionizing / Non-Ionizing Radiation Boundary

Ionizing Radiation

Radioactivity (Types of)

Alpha (Decay) Particles

Alpha Particles – Long Range

Cosmic Alpha

Beta Particles

X-Rays And Gamma Rays




Miscellaneous Observations

Exposure (Dosimetry)

Linear Energy Transfer (LET)

Relative Biological Effect (RBE)

Absorbed Dose

Equivalent Dose (formerly Dose Equivalent)

Effective Dose

Committed Dose

Summarizing Dose Nomenclature

Measurement (of Ionizing Radiation)

[7] Radioactivity|Decay Chains|Fission . . .*


Alternative Expressions of Radioactivity

Naturally-Occurring Radioactivity (NORM)


Natural Decay Chains

Half-Life – A Refresher

Decay ~ The Exponential Path

Clarifying ‘Half-Life’ with DDT

Specific Activity

Decay Chains

Fission (Scission)

Spontaneous Fission

Fissionable Versus Fissile

Neutron Energies ~ The Significance Of

Induced Fission (Deeper Knowledge)

Fission Products (Fragments)

Volatility Versus Half-Life (Reprise)

Contamination Signatures

Explosion Signatures

[8] Nuclear Militarization . . .*

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Nuclear Bomb Types

Fission Weapon

Fusion Weapon

Neutron (And Salted) Weapons

Nuclear Ordnance

Strategic Nuclear Weapons

Tactical Nuclear Weapons – A Short History

Tactical Nuclear Weapons – Their Unremarkable Character

[9] Nuclear Warheads|Stockpile Management . . .*

United States – Key Definitions And Locations

Stockpile Stewardship (Definition)

Stockpile Management (Definition)

A Lynch Pin Called … the NNSA

United States’ Warhead Facilities

Y-12 Complex

Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL)

Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL)

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)

Strategic Weapons Facility, Atlantic (SWFLANT), Kings Bay, Georgia

The Pantex Plant

Active (Operational) Nuclear Weapons Storage

Kansas City National Security Campus

The Anglo-American W76 Warhead

Tritium And More Pax Anglo-Americanus

Western European Warhead Facilities

Nuclear Facilities Are The Antithesis Of Cultural Revolutions

United Kingdom (Aldermaston)

French Republic (Valduc)

Anglo-French Nuclear Cooperation

Nuclear Weapons Are The Pits

Pit Design, Maintenance, And Storage

Initial Atomic Bomb Core Designs

Pit ‘Stuffing’

Role Of Fluidics In Leading Edge Warhead Design

Pit Recycling

Pit Corrosion


A Note From The Author


(1) Fukushima, Japan

(2) Pacific Ocean And America’s West Coast

(3) Conflict Zones, Geopolitics, And Social Breakdown

(4) Anthropogenic Global Warming

(5) The Marriage Of Statism And Corporatism

(6) Agenda 21 And Nuclear Energy

(7) Financial Profligacy And Economic Impropriety


Appendix ‘A’ ~ Toxic Trinity Websites

Appendix ‘B’ ~ Restricted Pages Password

Appendix ‘C’ ~ Notations Used In This Book

Interpreting Scientific Notation

Interpreting E-Notation

The Meaning Of ‘Orders-of-Magnitude’

Appendix ‘D’ ~ Copyright Status for Images/Graphics

Appendix ‘E’ ~ The Electron Volt

Appendix ‘F’ ~ Letters To Editor, Nature, Fission of Uranium (1939/40)

Appendix ‘G’ ~ Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)

Appendix ‘H’ ~ High Burn-Up Fuel (HBF)

Appendix ‘J’ ~ Britain’s Trident Deterrent (Royal Navy)

Appendix ‘K’ ~ Boosted Fission Weapons (Deuterium-Tritium)

The Role Of Lithium In Boosted Nuclear Warheads

Explosion Sequence Of Boosted Nuclear Warhead

Tritium And Nuclear Warheads

Chapelcross (nr. Dumfries, Scotland) ~ The Secret Tritium Producer

Yield Dialling Of Boosted Weapons

Bibliography + Further Study

End Of Book


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