The Toxic Trinity

Twentieth Century's Mutual Antagonists … Still Battling

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Dictionary Definition of “Technobabble”

Technical jargon used to intentionally obscure meaning to the uninitiated /…/ often used to obscure the truth of a situation by overdressing with “in-words” and layered concepts.

Do you know the extent to which your life, the environment, and politics have been affected by “Big Nuclear” activities?

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Nataraja - dancing shiva (800 px width, Res 85%)
Nataraja – cosmic dance of Shiva – symbolizes cosmic cycles of creation & destruction | Hindu cosmology was quoted (with crocodile tears) by the American-Jew most closely associated with the actual manifestation of the first nuclear weapons.

I can effectively guarantee, my book “Nuclear Technobabble” — rich in carefully researched facts + well crafted content + joined dots — will help you comprehend post-WWII history … AND today’s ever shifting political landscape … AND today’s fast emerging globalized energy policy!

Where others fail “Nuclear Technobabble” masterfully succeeds in showing why the “proverbial missing link” quietly steering our lives is nuclear … and not something derived from a complex web of economic + “false-flag” + surveillance activity.

Take time to Learn their “Lingo” … Gringo!  ☺

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