The Toxic Trinity

Twentieth Century's Mutual Antagonists … Still Battling


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ORIGINAL STATS: About 390 print pages (6,492 Kindle ‘pages’) + 101,408 words + c. 200 endnotes + 10 appendices + outlinks to on-line illustrations

Relaunch Scheduled For 1st-QTR 2017: Kindle + Nook + Kobo ++ Hardcopy Edition!

Current Status (since March/April 2016)

During March 2016 I completed (yet another) change of address. I have shifted abode no less than 5 times since September 2011. It is a long story, but my domestic woes have been linked to the abysmal property ‘scene’ (featuring endemic corruption and a legacy of incompetence) in my adopted country of residence.

As of this writing, it does appear I have finally found a home (and location) that will finally allow me to function adequately and efficiently … at least at a level that keeps me motivated.

Clearly, this extended sequence of domestic upheavals has postponed or complicated all my other best laid plans. So at last after many, many months filled with frustration (and occasional despair) the month of March 2016 saw me acquire a more constructive and productive ‘normal’. For example, I will no longer have to struggle with trying to write/type in a room temperature higher than 30 degrees centigrade!

I plan to re-launch my original book as a trifurcated set.

The original Kindle release proved too large (too many pages) for the e-book market, and its scope too broad and complex for average Customers. Keep in mind that I worked on the original manuscript during 2013, when everyone was still experimenting (in the dark) with what worked best in the new, and still-coalescing self-publishing market.

This relaunch will allow me to use the services of some niche experts, and to offer my book title in all popular e-reader formats. A conventional print version will also be published.

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