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Since time immemorial, our climate has been and will always be changing. Patrick Moore (of Prager University) explains why “climate change,” far from being a recent “human-caused” disaster is, for a myriad of complex reasons, a simple fact of life on Planet Earth.

I could write a couple of pages describing the background of Al Gore, but why bother? He is simply a stooge working for and behalf of higher powers. He came onto the “global warming scam” scene relatively late. Following his failed bid for the US Presidency, he was given a new public role to play by the “Powers That Be”.

Hence Gores dramatic, IPCC sponsored appeal to your emotions, and to your fear of the great unknown. And as for climate ‘science’ … it is highly likely, Al Gore would not be able to work out 20% of 200 in his head without kindly assistance.


This next media presentation is by David Icke: shown here, delivering one of his weekly (December 4, 2015) videocasts.

Yes, I know that the mere mention of David Icke’s name makes some of you giggle like a child. But that’s called Pavlov Programming.

I would not have included this video if I did not think it was contributing something of serious value for you to digest and contemplate.

Under Icke’s YouTube video, a warm-spirited commenter with the moniker Jared Leitch left this additional advice:

David, Please watch the documentary ‘blue beats green’ by J D King on Vimeo, it has been band on YouTube because it exposes the truth about climate change, Also please look at his other project called ‘Vice Bear’ all about how the Polar Bear has grown from 5000 to over 25000 since it was declared that it would be wiped out because of global warming.

As of May 2016 the full video, now titled BLUE, appears to have resurfaced on YouTube:

For two glaring reasons, all those individuals or groups who are attempting to actively and literally “re-engineer” our global climate are extremely dangerous:

  • They are attempting to meddle with the forces of nature – a game of hubris that could so easily lead to unintended consequences;
  • They are not answerable to any known authority – certainly not one that has any link to what could rightly be described as a democratically accountable institution.

All attempts to influence or control the weather (except in very small localized areas, such as cloud-seeding) constitute an open-ended experiment. But during the past decade irrefutable evidence has emerged that weather manipulation is now being practiced on a very large scale. So large in fact that entire continental regions are currently being affected.

For example, weather satellite photographs have already shown evidence of weather manipulation over the Pacific Ocean, a couple of hundred miles to the west of California. Realize that the State of California has been suffering unusual (unexplained) drought conditions for the past few years.

I am not practicing hyperbole here. We literally have groups with access to generous funding and massive technical and political resources who have taken upon themselves the task of trying to prove an irrational and unscientific hypothesis … no matter what the cost to the rest of us. Ultimately, these secretive groups are receiving “the green light” from no less than the United Nations: the focal point for all those seeking to impose a world government by decree.

For more details, I urge you to visit Dane Wigington’s excellent website Geoengineering Watch, so you may acquaint yourself with just what is at stake.

Plato, Socrates, Aristotle
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Carbon Dioxide is NOT a so-called “greenhouse gas”. Just like with other gases that help comprise our atmosphere, CO2 does have a greenhouse effect, but it is only minuscule when compared to the greater scheme of things.

In reality, Carbon Dioxide is a life-giving gas because without it, plants simply do not grow. Photosynthesis is shut down.

In truth, for the past several centuries we have been living through an atmospheric cycle where the Carbon Dioxide concentration has been unusually low: currently around 350 ppm.

Millennia ago, the concentration of Atmospheric CO2 was far higher. Certainly well above 450 ppm. Yet today, we have ‘academic’ institutions throughout the Western World arguing hysterically that if Atmospheric CO2 were to be “allowed” to rise again to 450 ppm we could have catastrophic climate warming. Is this political hubris? Is this junk science?

Many thousands of years ago, the Atmospheric CO2 concentration was more than double what it is today, and the planet was covered in lush vegetation.

Already, it has been seen that even modest rises in CO2 can have a dramatic and positive effect on crop yields. That means more profitable farming and more plant food to sustain a mushrooming population.

Is there anything you can do? Well, read through this blog article carefully and watch all the videos I have embedded. Then use your common sense to sort out the wood from the trees, and the proverbial trees from the forest.

As a practical step, you could seriously consider contacting your Political Representative / Member of Parliament to urge him/her to also read this blog article, in its entirety.

Another practically useful step would be to consider providing some moral and/or financial support to over-worked activists such as Dane Wigington, so that he can continue doing excellent work with his Geoengineering Watch website.

Meanwhile, please stop watching television! It is being deliberately used to imprison your mind within a dead-end matrix of outrageous lies, enforced passivity, and your blind obedience. They don’t call it television “programming” for nothing!!


This blog post is PART-3 of a 3-Part set. To access the other two parts, click on Collections in the Top Menu then select "CO2 + Radionuclides" from the drop-down list.