We are supposed to believe the official account! Any deviation from the “officially sanctioned view” is predictably scorned and ridiculed.

It goes something like this … Under the cover of darkness, small groups of men (possibly accompanied by the occasional female) trespass onto a Farmer’s field. Armed with wooden planks, a few metres of rope, and some cans of beer for sustenance, they then proceed to calculate, accurately map out, and then silently create the extremely ornate and “other worldly” images you see below. They are never caught in the act!

No doubt, there are some crop-circles being produced by pranksters: small teams armed with tape-measures, rope, wooden boards, and heaps of talent. But all of them?

Crop Circles have to be produced during the hours of darkness. And often within the space of just one night. During England’s summer months that translates into less than 6 hours of darkness. And if one counts all the crop circles produced during (say) the past 20 years, you come to an amazingly large number. Such impressive productivity from unidentified humans would be highly unlikely, especially since no group of pranksters have yet been caught in the act. At least, not to this Blogger’s knowledge.

It is not just Southern England. Highly ornate crop circles are also being produced (on a regular basis) by someone or something in the farm fields of Western Europe, such as Germany.

A recent in-depth investigation by Richard D. Hall’s Rich Planet TV has established that while some (or even many) crop circles are indeed being created by the rope & board method, others simply could not have been. These conclusions have been reached by many years of accumulated investigations carried out by dedicated investigators (enthusiasts). The best of these investigators do indeed follow “the scientific method” and their reporting and analysis does therefore need to be taken seriously.

Clearly, and whenever this topic is taken “in the round”, something else is going on here, and in our guts we most certainly suspect this. But what is it? What is that something else?

Next time I post on a topic you personally find strange, and/or difficult to believe, then please remember to come back to this post and review. 🙂

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