PODCAST ► Michael Bennett Solves The Georgia Guidestones Mystery

Source: The Corbett Report (Interview 1079) by James Corbett

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T3 Disclaimer

G. R. Wilson (writerfx) distances himself from those topics included in this Podcast that are not directly linked to … “solving the mystery of the Georgia Guidestones.”

He believes that ‘Christianity’ (as currently practiced by both Catholics and Protestants) is an alien, contrived, and ultimately corrosive (e.g., universalist, globalizing, etc.) religion that has greatly undermined European identity, diluted the autonomy of ‘white’ males everywhere, and thus weakened Europe’s borders. The polar opposite of what National Socialism set out to correct.

Occult symbolism within St. Peter's Square, Rome.
Occult symbolism within St. Peter’s Square, Rome.


The podcast’s interviewee is an American, and a devout ‘Christian’. Generally speaking, American’s are the most brainwashed and culturally disconnected / genetically disorientated people on the face of this planet. And that assessment includes even the more educated and intelligent ones.

Outside of their own very porous (almost meaningless) borders, Americans are fine in small doses. But when allowed to dominate any intellectual topic or physical location they soon become toxic. Note that the interviewer, Mr. James Corbett, is a Canadian.

As regards over-population and population controls, all adults need to ask themselves why the rest of the world (especially we in the West) must always be obligated to pay for the profligacy of others. Especially the extreme cases, such as:

  • In the year of India’s Independence (1947) its total population was recorded at 350-million. 
  • By the year 2000, that country “celebrated” the birth of its 1000-millionth (1-billionth) citizen: a 280% population increase in just 53 years! The celebration may have been a media stunt, but we now accept India’s borders contain about 1.20-billion people: a full 17% of the earth’s population in a landmass smaller than China’s.
  • Remember to add to that ridiculous total the many millions more ethno-Indians residing in numerous other far-flung countries! Australia has recently been converted into yet another relief (overflow) repository for over-active Indian wombs.
  • Even despite the rampant gendercide of its female infants India still manages to out-breed almost every nation or genetic group on this planet. Either we force them to put an end to this madness and crass irresponsibility (by the application of very harsh measures) or this world will be inundated. 

So what else is the rest of the world supposed to do in response? Open their doors wide to relieve India’s self-inflicted over-crowding?

India’s reproductive mania was already clearly evident during the 1950s. It caused some effete fools to establish Oxfam for the sole purpose of bringing relief to that sanctimonious and highly-corrupt country.

– start of 12Sep15 update –

Oxfam is a subversive (Cultural-Marxist) organization that works ceaselessly to promote a sense of guilt in the minds of all Westerners. It is unusually well funded, having localized operations in most western nations, as well as a large international footprint. This recent Tweet offers just one revealing example of their toxic modus-operandi:

So what is meant exactly by this endless refrain, “Global Citizen”?

This type of nonsensical yet infinitely elastic language has been designed to soften the Western mind to the concept of wide open borders. What Oxfam wants — this Quaker inspired organization describes itself as: an international confederation of 17 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries — is the freedom to import (into every white nation on Earth) millions of incompatible refugees from scores of “failed states”, in order to help satisfy a self-destructive dogma spawned from the hostile agenda of a now exposed criminal Zionist elite.

– end of 12Sep15 update –

Since the 1930s, the exact same profligate process has been played out in Pakistan, the Arab World generally, throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and also through much of Central and South America.

Either those countries — formerly known as the “white” nations — close their borders to immigrants and to immigration, or they will cease to exist (genetically) within just 25 to 35 more years. YOU need to wake up to reality, and you need to do it NOW.

Those who carelessly bandy about the term “racist” need to grow up. Ever since the barbaric, military destruction of Germany (1943-46) ethnic Germans have been deliberately conditioned to not reproduce by the incessant use of hostile psychological conditioning … as have most other ethno-European groups.

Another example involves England. The first shipment of “Black” immigrants offloaded from a boat (the Empire Windrush) tied up at Tilbery Dock, London, on 21st June 1948. This pioneering arrival of ‘black’ males from the Caribbean was arranged by ‘Jews’ (coordinating from within both the UK government and the shipping company).

It has now become obvious. Faceless ‘others’, acting behind the scenes, or behind a false religious mask, have long been deciding the future genetic makeup of Europe. Actually it was during World War Two that it was decided Europe’s future kindergartens were to be filled with children born to Mothers and Fathers who have no historical, cultural, or genetic connections to Europe. Clearly, this amounts to a genocidal policy – pure and simple. What else could it be?

Auschwitz SS Officers + Secretaries in high spirits (1942)
Auschwitz SS Officers + Secretaries in high spirits (1942)

They destroyed the racial purity of Germany by bombs followed by a 70+ year military occupation; now they are killing the remainder of Europe using mind-control mixed with mass immigration on an aggressive scale.

I realize Jade HELM — Homeland Eradication of Local Militants — is (rightly) pre-occupying many an American mind right now. But if Europe continues to succumb to this Talmud-inspired genetic mutilation, for just five to ten more years, then so-called ‘White’-America will become ‘toast’ by default.

If you are happy to quietly tolerate such an insane and maliciously contrived situation, then MIGHT YOU be the one who could properly be described as racist?