Chart of remaining metals and energy minerals
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Toxic Trinity Note:

The push for renewable energy generation may soon become hampered by a lack of (or restricted) access to sources of Antimony (needed for battery production), and Indium (needed for photo-cell production). These are the first two resource constrictions indicated by the above chart.

Naturally, another major war (or a continuance of the chaotic status-quo) will only deliver us the worst of all worlds. The mad-men and mad-women of the New York City / Washington DC corridor need to be neutered permanently … and very soon!

Legal proceedings against the worst offending oligarchical families—especially the Rockefellers (of Turkic origins) and the Rothschilds (of Khazar-Ashkenazi origins)—need to be properly considered and then acted upon. Sooner or later the ‘virus’ that is slowly killing us all, has to be eliminated … else we shall be no more. No human is beyond the reach of law … especially natural and common law.

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