In his recent book “The Chief Culprit” the bestselling author Viktor Suvorov [real name:Vladimir Rezun] probes newly released Soviet documents, and reevaluates existing material to analyze Stalin’s strategic design to conquer Europe. Communism, expansive by nature, was also expansive by necessity. It’s doctrine of conquest was needed for its own survival. This is what Stalin, as a dedicated Leninist, was preparing through the years 1938 to 1941.

He argues that Stalin was caught just days before launching his own assault into Central Europe (scheduled to launch in July 1941). The Red Army’s offensive (forward) posture rendered it uniquely vulnerable to a German lightening attack.

Suvorov maintains that after Germany occupied Poland, defeated France, and started to prepare for an invasion of the British Isles, Hitler’s intelligence services detected the Soviet Union’s preparations for a major war against Germany. This detection, he argues, led to Germany’s preemptive war plan and the launch of an invasion of the USSR: code-named Operation Barbarossa (launched 22 June 1941).

The recording of Viktor Suvorov’s presentation at the United States Naval Academy on October 7, 2009.

The Wehrmacht were significantly unprepared for this superhuman assault. The German High Command had greatly underestimated the number of Soviet divisions, as well as the quality and quantity of Soviet tanks. Hitler and the Wehrmacht faced not 160 divisions on their doorstep, but more than 300. Soviet forces were in fact five- to six-times stronger than the combined Wehrmacht + Hungarian + Slovakian + Romanian + Italian + Waffen-SS + Europäische Freiwillige (volunteer soldiers from 30 different countries) … with respect to tanks, aircraft and artillery.

Operation Barbarossa was conducted with an attacking force that included 3,350 tanks. But the Soviet defenders had a total of 24,000 tanks at their disposal … or put another way, Stalin had seven times more tanks than Hitler. Furthermore, the Soviet tanks were superior in all technical respects, including firepower, range, and armor plating.

In effect, the Third Reich was forced by circumstance to launch a “suicide mission”. The first goal was to thwart an impending invasion of Germany, and any subsequent loss of the entire European sub-continent to Bolshevism. They had to act decisively; ready or not.

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