Hat-tip: Press For Truth (Dan Dicks)

The so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership is a regulatory and investment treaty involving several nations occupying both sides of the Pacific Rim. It is also yet another globalizing statute (3-card trick) cooked up by the Crooks & Shysters running Wall Street, and the “US Corporation” that is micro-managed in their specially built citadel called Washington DC.

At the time of this posting, TPP advocates still have much to do before this highly secretive charter can establish itself. Negotiations — if you can properly call the USA strong-arming other nations “negotiations” — are ongoing. A few “Pacific-Rim” nations have already signed up without first questioning/understanding the long-term ramifications. Others remain hesitant … perhaps thinking they should hold-out in the hope of negotiating “more advantageous terms”.

How blind, unworldly, and foolish they all are.

Politicians, far from representing the brightest and best in any given nation are a universally dim-witted lot who can be flattered or charmed into accepting the most damaging concessions; so long as sufficiently grand banquets have been laid on to “butter-up” their fragile egos.

Thanks to a coordinated campaign of propaganda spanning at least three decades it would appear that every idiot, no matter where he or she resides, is now blindly in love with “collectivism” and the sanctity of the group.

Kill the individual! Kill the nation state! All power to the Rothscild Cabal’s International Banking Cartel.

The TPP is very relevant to the Nuclear Domain. If it is adopted as fully as its authors and corporate sponsors hope, then US Reactor manufacturers will be motivated to promote the adoption of the crudest form of nuclear power generation currently available throughout much of Asia: Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

It will then be only a matter of time before the respective elites of Thailand and Myanmar are seduced by America’s pro-nuclear lobby; backed up as it (always) is by State-sponsored marketing mixed with aggressive diplomacy.

Twenty-five years from now, what then for tropical Asia’s pristine coral reefs, unique flora & fauna, and holiday beaches?

You would be well-advised to think more deeply about the consequences when you choose to ignore issues you mistakenly think are none of your business, or above your pay-scale.

Surely the time has come for you to wake up to the fact, your “Right To Vote” is yet another fraud (delusion) and that you would do more for the future well-being of your friends, family, and nation by becoming both directly and actively involved in opposing all forms of supra-national agreements that involve commercial trade and financial hegemony involving multi-national corporations.


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