The oligarchic and pyramidic ‘Western’ Banking System which — under the vile 200 year leadership of the criminal Rothschild Cabal in cahoots with an ancient ‘Aristocracy’ and Rockefellers of New York — has brought this planet so much waste, heartache, death, and destruction.

It is this cabal (the so-called “Money Power”) that has worked ceaselessly to thwart, suppress, compromise, or prohibit the introduction of technologies and devices that have the potential to decentralize reliable energy production right down to the local community or personal level. There are so many examples of this insanely arrogant practice that no single Blog post could do them all justice.

Einstein vs. Tesla – We Currently Have Them Back-To-Front

Modern humanity’s greatest scientist, Nikola Tesla, was actively pursuing his vision of bringing free energy to all at the very time he was brought low by the coordinated scheming of the monied cabal. Instead of being nourished by the real thing, the Western World got fed a junk diet comprising the endless hagiography named “Albert Einstein”.

Widely scoffed at by his peers in the scientific community, and openly described a plagiarist by those in the know; upon his arrival in the USA Einstein was quickly raised to cult/celebrity status courtesy of Manhattan’s gutter press. A media blitz, led as usual by the New York Slimes Times.

Tesla died in poverty: a near-forgotten man. Einstein’s brain was pickled for posterity so future generations could continue the religious veneration of a self-promoting impostor (think Lenin’s mausoleum) even as they allow themselves to be conditioned to always use his name as a synonym for “high-intelligence”.


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“Neat Pete’s” first attempt at constructing a simple (demo) Newman Motor. He used 160 windings of 0.92mm, coated copper, top and bottom.

The Technology Of The Giza Pyramids

The so-called “Egyptians” did not create the Great Pyramids. They were constructed by an advanced civilization who were here on Earth thousands of years before the first Pharaoh: at a time (the pre-Deluge period, which corresponds to “older than 11,000 years”) when very advanced technology (as confirmed by existing archaeological artifacts) was a global reality.

Hat-Tip: Brien Foerster

Astonishingly synchronous archaeological finds from South America, to the Mediterranean region, and China all point to the same conclusion. Advanced technologies some of which we now appear to be on the very edge of rediscovering or replicating … if only we could rid ourselves of the destructive scourge of the Usurers and Warmongers.

“Off The Grid” Power Production

The exploitation of localized (“Off The Grid”) power producers would undoubtedly empower ordinary people to live securely, abundantly, and well outside any central (tax or toll collecting) authority … an ‘idealized’ arrangement that would inevitably overturn the existing financial system while revolutionizing both national and international politics. 

This is the short explanation for why most of you reading this article have heard little of ‘free energy’ devices, and why it is likely you have no prior knowledge of the Newman Motor.

Understand that if an energy technology cannot be scaled up and centralized, then it cannot be exploited to massively enrich (via fees and charges) the megalomaniacal men & women (and their substantial entourage) who actually believe they descend from the mythical “King David”, and thereby sit alongside “God”.

King David? Where Does Such An Ancient Historical Figure Fit-In To Energy Generation?

Well yes, one can only see the connection by first thinking laterally. A tenuous connection will then come into view. Try the following for some quick reasoning.

The Coronation procedure for Britain’s monarch (whether King or Queen) actually alludes to precisely this belief — that the British monarchy is linked directly to the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel. For all the years Queen Elizabeth II has sat on England’s (the United Kingdom’s) throne, she has been obliged to believe she descends directly from the (mythical) Lion of Judah.

For too long, this ridiculous pantomime (dressed up as a fairy tale) has been allowed to insult all our intelligences.

It is also said that most American Presidents have had some connection to British Royalty in their respective family trees. And after the First Gulf War, George Herbert Walker Bush was (secretly) knighted at Buckingham Palace (in a private ceremony). How does the ex-CIA Director’s true title, “Sir George Bush”, sit with you Americans? Does it make your skin crawl?

At some point in the not too distant future this obnoxious historical fraud, originally perpetrated by arcane books embedded in the Hebrew Bible (a.k.a., the “Old Testament”) that were carried into Europe by stealth, will have to be brought to end. 

Nuclear energy captured the imagination of our so-called ‘Elites’ very early, because it is the ultimate centralizing technology. This is why its entire domain needs to be more widely understood.

“Nuclear Technobabble” was written to empower those wishing to see the entire nuclear domain “mapped out” in one volume:

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