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Military camouflage has been used, variously, since the Seven Years’ War (1756-63)

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If you don’t trust your own eyes, then who or what can you trust?


And the one technology that defeats the human senses?

Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) have very few moving parts. There is nothing to see, smell, or hear. The human senses are rendered redundant by processes that exploit ionizing radiation. Without special instruments, the only way a human can detect ionizing radiation is either by being burned or falling sick … and that after a time delay.

To help remedy this gap in perception, I wrote Nuclear Technobabble. It is a book that offers an opportunity for ordinary folk to gain the basic knowledge needed to avoid irrational fears, and/or the ability to comprehend all necessary precautionary measures vis-a-vis radionuclide hazard. It is my hunch, going forward in time, such knowledge will only increase in value.

The logic is this … what you understand you do not fear, and what you comprehend can be embraced and used, or mitigated, or avoided.


And finally, here’s another common use of crafty camouflage and fakery …

Mike Maloney, Hidden Secrets of Money

Money vs Currency – Illustrated here is NOT money … but fancily printed paper pretending to have real value! To learn why, click on the image [while pressing CTRL key]. Link opens an entertaining and explanatory YouTube video by Mike Maloney.

Everything Is Fake

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