Useful pointers to (and insights into) still developing nuclear policies within the BRIC nations generally, and within that highly populated and ecologically sensitive region East of Suez. India also happens to be self-sufficient in Thorium ore.


The Bharatiya Janata Party’s long-awaited manifesto was finally released today as the first phase of polls for the 2014 general elections opened in India’s northeast. Though delayed, the BJP’s guiding document has revealed itself to be quite impressive in terms of new thinking and foci of the Party. Moving beyond staid 20th century mantras, the BJP promises to explore the implementation of carbon credits, green technology, and participate in international efforts to reduce global warming.

Overzealous analysts need to be reminded at times that a manifesto is not a policy document but a declaration of guiding principles; a manifesto does not usually dwell on intricate field-specific details as a bill might but states broad outlines of a vision. To expect more is not just foolish but a failure to understand the medium and platform.

Nuclear Policy

The BJP’s manifesto declares that the Party’s government will pursue nuclear power as a…

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